Monday, 20 February 2012


Description Of Poem
a poem of love and how it can effected a person and poem that very close to my own heart. This poem tells a story of a person who has fallen in love with another, it gives a perspective of a relationship in which you can tell that one is undoubtedly and irreversibly in love with the other. I wanted to  show how a attraction and connection with someone can cause us to feel passion and exhilaration for another being to heighten degree. As affectionate and loving beings we look to find that same connection and compassion in someone else, which enables us to see there qualities and become attracted to them. In loving relationships are heart is often in control, this leave us exposed and vulnerable. Love allows us to give our heart, desire and trust to another person, which leave defenceless and open to hurt and pain, especially when those feelings are not reciprocated.This poem is a poem of love and heartbreak and shows how much of a thin line there is between the two.

From the moment we meet I knew you were the one for me.
You were my sweetheart,
You understood,
You listen when no one else would,
You held out your hands to catch me if I fell,
You gave me no doubt that if there was a problem 
You where the one i could call,
When I was broken 
It was you who mended me,
It was you who whispered word of sweet compassion 
That would never fall upon deaf ears,
You sent those tingles down my spine, 
You made me laugh 
With those cheesy chat up lines,
You made the sun, 
You made the star, 
Just that much brighter, by being who you are, 
You were more than I could of ever expected,
When the burden was heavy
And life was a blur 
You put everything back in perspective,
You made me feel like you number one girl,
As cliché as it sounds 
You made me feel like I was on top of the world,
And it funny quickly the world can come crumbling down
You left, no word, no reason, no explanation no sound,
You left no goodbyes, 
You put these tear drops in my eyes, 
You turned my blue into grey,
You turned the sun into a cloudy day, 
You will move on and I will stay the fool,
You could never love me the way I will always love you.