Sunday, 18 March 2012

Twin Poem

Inspiration For This Poem
I was inspired this poem because of the relationship I have with my twin sister. Like most sisters we have developed close bond over the year and I value her thoughts and opinions in my life. i wrote this poem for her as a representation of our relationship through my eyes.  I hope this poem captures the connection that twins/sisters can have. A feeling of love,friendship and trust that is developed in a sisterly relationship. An understanding of sisterhood - sisters by chance friends by choice

Twin Poem
Born on the same day,
Born of the same one,
Unique in our way,
Different yet the same,
“Can you hear each other’s thoughts?”
“Can you feel each other’s touch?”
People would make such a fuss
But it really didn’t bother us too much
A bond not easy to explain
It’s stronger than any friendship
Sisterly love in its highest form
Shoulder to shoulder together we walk
Step by step together we go
Hour on end together we talked
And when last hour has come
I can barely remember dear sister, where we began
There nothing about myself that you do not know
So many asked me, “Do you any feel different?”
I answer no
Its a lie I have frequently told
But why I lie I do not know
How could I not feel different?
Flip a coin and you could call it luck
Ask god and he’d say you were his gift to me
But no coin could decide
Nor no faith answer why
A puzzle of two halves
Without you twin there is no me
I look at you and see another version of me 
And weather your in the next room
Or half way across the world 
You always be in my corner
And I’ll always be in yours